About The BPCA

Our mission

Our mission is to represent and include the community in protecting and improving this interesting and historic residential area of North East London. Protecting the community’s best interests is about being proactive and reactive to decisions made by Haringey and Enfield Councils on issues such as planning, traffic, crime, parking, rubbish and green space maintenance.

We also aim to help bring the community together and celebrate the good things about this area. We do this by raising money and bringing together volunteers to organise local events and promoting groups with particular interests such as the Walking Group and the Myddleton and  Garden groups.

We want to help regenerate Myddleton Road which is at the heart of our community and to act as a catalyst to get new businesses to this road that benefit the local community and encourage the community in the meantime to support and use the great businesses that we already have in this road.

Our achievements

There have been many achievements of the BPCA since it started in 1999 but below is a summary of the key areas.

Major Improvements to Bowes Park Station

Improving Bowes Park Railway station and bridge was one of the BPCA’s first projects, as it was very run down and did not feel safe. Lots of planning and campaigning led to WAGN’s repainting the station, improving the signage and adopting a policy of zero tolerance on graffiti. The bridge was resurfaced and crime prevention money was used to provide better lighting.

Bowes Park station 2_0

The Outdoor Gym

The BPCA worked long and hard to get this well used facility, funded by Haringey Council, with many delays along the way. The last hold up was by Thames Water needing to dredge the tunnel, but the upside was that this produced a haul of historic bottles. These are now displayed in a cabinet next to panels on the history of the New River, both of which were funded by the dredging company, Barhale.

Gym opening


Bowes Park has historically had more than its fair share of traffic and was previously heavily used as a convenient rat run from the slower part of the A406 running from Green Lanes junction round to Bounds Green Road. BPCA campaigned for solutions and Haringey responded by making Whittington Road a no right hand turn and also introducing road traffic calming in Whittington Road. They have also sought to reduce the use of other roads to through traffic by narrowing, speed humps and table tops.


Bowes Park as a whole had been blighted in the ’80s and ’90s in particular by a lack of enforcement of planning in the area resulting in the conversion of many houses into a large numbers of bedsits and temporary accommodation. Bowes Park is now recognised as a conservation area and, where possible, previous planning violations are being dealt with, new building work is scrutinised and, if appropriate, objections are made to new planning applications.



A key part of the BPCA is to bring people together and one great way is for groups to exist to bring people together to do what they enjoy. The groups range from the Myddleton Road Community Gardens group which is there to safeguard and maintain the Myddleton Road Community Garden to other groups such as the Walking Group that meets to go on interesting walks in and around London. All the groups are listed below please click below to go to their page.

Walking Group


Finsbury Gardens Group

Myddleton Road Garden Group

Social events

The Association (or to be more accurate, a handful of volunteers) has organised very popular barn dances and quizzes. Annual community picnics are organised by the Myddleton Road Community Garden group, and for several years a major community festival has been held in the summer in Finsbury Gardens.

Community Newsletter

The Bowes Park newsletter was created to let all the residents of the area know about issues and news from the area. It is delivered twice a year free to all residents in the area and currently has a 4,000 print run. Thanks to our volunteer editor, designer and deliverers!