How do I comment on a planning application?

If someone wants to make changes to their property or land that they own or lease, they may need to submit a planning application to the council.

These applications are advertised on the council website and you can send your comments.  It is easy to find an application – either by its number or its address – and you can view the plans and any other comments.

>> View all planning applications on the Haringey Council website

>> View all planning applications on the Enfield Council website

There is also a weekly list you can consult by going to the Haringey Planning Portal or the Enfield Planning Portal.

The Bowes Park Community Association monitors the planning applications in both the Enfield and Haringey parts of Bowes Park.  We support them if we strongly agree or object to them if they are not in line with accepted development – especially within the conservation area – or are detrimental to the community as a whole.  If you would like to help in this planning work, especially if you have experience with planning processes then do please get in touch.