Local Shopping

There are many local shops in and on the edges of Bowes Park – you don’t have to buy at national chain supermarkets.

Myddleton Road has a growing number of local shops – food from many nations, services from plumbing to piano lessons and three independent ‘supermarkets’. Look at some of the shops on the Myddleton Road website.

There are also four local supermarkets/convenience stores selling a large range of products and fresh fruit and vegetables near Bounds Green Station, and two more between there and Myddleton Road. There is another at the north end of Whittington. Green Lanes has a wide variety of shops and services.

We must mention one shop by name which has contributed a large amount for many years to the community life around Myddleton Road. They have an exhibition showing the history of the street in their side window, they have quantities of our newsletters and membership forms for customers, they help us every day with the Community Garden and the Gym, they deliver to elderly customers and the brothers are always willing to lend a hand in so many ways.

Red Sea Supermarket

The Red Sea supermarket is a fantastic resource to have in Bowes Park. Although they don’t have the range of some of the other supermarkets in Myddleton Road, they have lots of useful things, good fruit and veg and they are the nicest guys you could ever want to meet.

Address: corner of Myddleton Road and Marlborough Road