We have been an active and thriving association for over 15 years, with an impact that can be seen from the station to the gym and from Finsbury Gardens to Russell Road (when the promised improvements are done). For this to continue, more people are needed to share the work with the handful of us who are carrying it at present, some of whom do now have to hand on or share their responsibilities. Those of you who attended the last AGM will be aware that the existing committee is small, and we currently do not have the capacity to start new projects or respond to opportunities.

It would be really good to have three or four new committee members. We do various things: keeping an eye on developments in the neighbourhood, applying for grants for improvements, supporting local groups, deciding how to respond to incoming communications, and building relationships with councillors and other local bodies, are just some of them. If you’d like to find out more, please contact our chair, Joanna Burke,
using our contact form, or on 07979 865700.

Even if you’re not keen on committees, however, there are lots of other ways you can give a hand, some of which are listed below.

One specific urgent need is for someone to respond to the offers of help that we do get – at present there is no one to scoop these up and get people involved.

There are also quite small jobs to be done which would be an enormous help, such as organising rotas for the Association stand at markets etc, and one-off tasks like refreshing the display stand. One-off offers of help are
just as useful as long term commitments. So, if you have limited time because you’re in full-time work, or at home looking after a family, we would still welcome your help.

Please contact Joanna (using our contact form or on 07979 865700) if you would like to find out more about any of these ways of getting involved.