New River Path Updates

The contractors have fitted the two new sides to the river – they look a bit harsh but we hope vegetation will fall over them in years to come to soften them a bit. All good now for another 150 years.

Local people said that they would like a proper path along the river, so a new path has been made using crushed stone from Myddleton to Whittington. This will also soften when the grass grows on both sides of it, and it will be much better for people to walk along on wet and slippery days.

The graffiti has been cleaned off the mouth of the tunnel, which is a listed building. In order to try to stop the ‘graffiti lads’ from doing it again… a temporary fence has been put in the Gym, which will be replaced by a permanent one in the next few months. We do hope that the clever paint spray people practice their art somewhere else.

It will all look brown and muddy for some months, but next year the new grass will grow and the banks of our New River will once again be inviting and lovely.

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